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Maps and geolocation

To further expand our apps functionality, we incorporate and use advanced geolocation solutions available in the market which help identify the geographical location of individuals and physical objects. Geolocation is useful when managing mobile objects, it facilitates reaching a specific destination, and provides information about any desired location.

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Examples of practical application

Geolocation has found ready application in various sectors of the economy of which the most popular examples include advertising and advanced ad targeting options, transportation, health care, tourism, or hospitality. Maps also happen to be used in apps involving culture and arts.

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Google Maps Platform

Google Maps collects local data to provide location information about more than 100 million businesses, historic objects, or meeting places. It can also substitute for the GPS. Based on information about the routes in 199 countries, the Directions API function helps the application users find their way to a store, hotel, or restaurant. The Street View option shows the users the view of where they are going even before they reach their destination.

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Azure Maps

Azure Maps is a Cloud-based service enriching the application with a solution for intelligent mapping of places and mobile objects. This Microsoft service works very well both with a consumer web application and applications supporting business operations (e.g. integrated with CRM).

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