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Azure Technology

90% of Fortune 500 companies have opted to trust the Microsoft Cloud, and so can you. Microsoft Azure is a continually expanding collection of Cloud computing services used by developers and IT experts to build, implement, and manage applications through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. Build and deploy wherever you want with Azure, using whatever tools, apps, and frameworks you decide to select.

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Move your on-premises data and applications to the Cloud and reap the benefits offered by Azure Cloud Hybrids: expanded infrastructure, data, apps, and flexible management of any component. Build your own virtual engines (Windows, Linux) and use tools capable of implementing and managing containers.

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Use advanced tools to build private networks and combine them with local data centers. Safely connect the company server-room to the Azure Cloud by means of, say, a VPN Gateway or a dedicated, private fiber optic Express Route network.

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Store your data in the Cloud scalable space which keeps pace with the growth of your amount of data. Use the Azure technology to create data backup. Use Site Recovery to protect and replicate virtual engines automatically in case of a failure of your on-premises infrastructure.

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Security & Identity

Synchronize the local Active Directory service with the Azure Cloud and enjoy the comfort of a single sign-on (Single Sign On). Safeguard your data and applications with the Multi Factor Authentication which prevents, detects, and responds to threats in a user-friendly manner. Take advantage of Azure resources to improve your data security and to manage user identities. Prevent, detect, and react to the risk of losing access to data or unauthorized data access.

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Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning is a service you can use to quickly build and deploy predictive analytics solutions. You can use a ready-made Cortana algorithm library to build your own solutions. Azure Machine Learning is not just a tool for modeling your predictive analytics solutions but also a full service for ready-made Internet services.

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Internet of things

Rely on Azure IoT Hub to easily and securely provide bi-directional communication between millions of IoT devices and back-end solutions. Azure IoT Hub offers – among others – device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device communication, including one-way communication, file transfer, and request-reply methods. Communication between devices is secure and provides access control by means of network security keys. Azure IoT Hub also allows for managing and monitoring connections between devices as well as includes a device library for the most popular languages and platforms.

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