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Okta is an independent and neutral platform that securely connects people with technology. Leveraging the power of the cloud, Okta allows access to apps on any device at any time while enforcing strict security policies. Okta supports directory services and 7000+ integrations.

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Auth0 is an easy-to-deploy, flexible authentication and authorization platform. It provides secure access for all authorized people and blocks unauthorized login attempts. Auth0 is an optimized login field for user experience and privacy. By means of integration with social networking sites, users log in faster, and companies profile users in an advanced way and, as a result, scale their businesses more efficiently.

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Innovative and fast solutions for communication and cooperation. Cloud platform for designing new solutions plus data storage and analysis. Product family to enhance your business efficiency. Come and see the opportunities offered by Google technology.

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DocuSign, or a solution which is more than merely your digital signature and which will let you remotely sign and manage your documents, regardless of where you are or what device you happen to use. With DocuSign, managing your business becomes easier and even more efficient.

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Innovation means power and Office 365 represents the potential of familiar solutions in an entirely new version. Learn about Azure, a platform you can use to build your own applications and more, or Enterprise Mobility & Security which will make your business grow quickly and safely.

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See the wide selection of products based on the Cloud technology. Build fast and scalable mobile and web applications or store, process, and archive data. You can also use innovative solutions, such as AI or the Internet of Things.

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Workplace by Facebook

Work safely and fast by using your own company social network: contact your groups, provide access to projects, organize online training seminars, and work with your mobile devices. Find out unique functionalities Facebook creators have prepared for you in their latest solution.

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