Workforce Identity Cloud

Okta Workforce Identity Cloud helps your workforce access your resources securely and easily, so you can focus on other strategic goals—like lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

With an Identity-first security solution, you can empower your employees, safeguard your data, and boost your business performance in today’s dynamic workforce.

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Universal Directory

Okta Universal Directory, an enterprise-grade, identity management service built for the Cloud, allows you to adapt, organize, and manage groups of attributes. Its main advantages include the ability to store complex data in a single location, automated user import, continuous information exchange, and profile integration.



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Single Sign-On

No more memorizing a number of complicated passwords for various services. A single set of credentials gives your people access to enterprise applications in the Cloud, on-premises, and on mobile devices. Key features include automatic and various ways of authentication, access to Okta application network plus the ability to choose access either from a browser or a mobile device.



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Lifecycle Management

Automate the process of adding and removing employees from the system thanks to smooth communication with databases and Cloud applications. The solution will give you better, centralized control of users and groups, the option to automatically delete inactive accounts, and integration with other solutions.

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Security for all of your applications and VPN thanks to a solid security policy, a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art method of double verification and an authentication method that can integrate with any and all applications and infrastructure.

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Identity Governance

As employees change their roles, you can swiftly adjust their access to the appropriate applications. You can also maintain the minimum level of privilege required for each user by granting them only the entitlements they need.

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API Products

Okta APIs provide access to Okta Identity Cloud for developers in order to improve user experience while using an application. In this way, Okta responds to some most complex challenges facing the infrastructure of the largest companies.

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