Comprehensive implementation of Cloud solutions

Success story: Jiffy Packaging

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Jiffy Packaging Sp. z o.o. debuted on the Polish packaging products market in 1996 and rapidly – barely in ten plus years – has grown to become a large manufacturing company and a European leader in this field. The company employs a team of specialists boasting extensive experience in the business who feel truly passionate about their work. Jiffy strives to deliver products best suited for protecting goods according to customers’ needs and expectations.


Back in 2014, this international business struggled with some corporate email problems and needed additional communications tools. Looking for a solution, they approached Google who recommended Seiloc as a reliable partner to work with. Before the new solutions were implemented, Jiffy had been using an email server installed in the US which required an additional employee for its maintenance. The server had proved expensive and prone to breakdowns: sometimes, it took an entire day to fix it and in the meantime communication between the company and their clients operating in a number of foreign countries would come to a standstill. Jiffy Packaging has also encountered problems with setting up new accounts, a task that might even take several days, and insufficient capacity of their e-mail boxes – chronically overflowing and making data backup impossible. Apart from the e-mail, the company used other communication tools, too but doing so entailed additional fees and made any attempts at integration impossible.


Following some ‘lightning-speed’ consultation and identification of Jiffy’s problems, we suggested installing the G Suite tools as the best solution to their current needs. We developed a detailed work schedule and carried out comprehensive implementation of the new services, with data security our uppermost concern at every stage of the implementation. Our on-going cooperation with Jiffy IT Department resulted in a timely and efficient implementation process. G Suite tools rendered use of the server redundant, thus optimizing costs for the company. New email boxes provide a minimum capacity of 30 GB, or 150 times more than the legacy solution did. The company’s Gmail plus the integrated Calendars contribute to flawless communication while Hangouts takes care of shorter text messages, video-calls, and video-conferencing. Employees enjoy considerable operational flexibility: thanks to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, they may now use the G Suite system both on the company equipment and their private devices. Apart from communications, Jiffy employees actively take advantage of some other G Suite tools to prepare documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and forms.


Thanks to choosing the right solution and the smooth system implementation process, Jiffy employees have been actively using their G Suite for several years now. The system significantly streamlined their daily tasks compared to earlier practices by eliminating unnecessary costs. Communication is never down and adding new account users takes just a few moments. Google technology has also rendered remote work possible from any location and using any device. For an international company like Jiffy Packaging, it means great improvement for the hundreds of their employees.