Comprehensive implementation of Cloud solutions

Success story: International School of Kraków

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The International School of Krakow (ISK), an English language institution with a campus nested in a forested, verdant suburb just south of the city center, has operated in Poland since 1993. It is the only school in the Małopolska Province to have been awarded accreditation by the Council of International Schools [CIS] in Europe and by the New England Association of Colleges and Schools (NEACS) in the United States. The teachers and the student body of ISK comprise a unique, multicultural environment: at the present time, approximately 300 students ranging from 3 to 19 years of age and hailing from over 30 countries attend the school.


The dynamic growth of the school over the last few years had rendered the existing IT infrastructure inadequate for its needs. Just two modest computer labs equipped with stationary hardware had been available to the students. They were expensive to maintain, prone to breakdowns, and very time-intensive to operate. The insufficient number of units also necessitated that lab time slots be reserved in advance, which represented yet another critical hindrance. Faced with such challenges, the school decided to look for a mobile solution which would be light, reliable, and more economical to maintain.


Together with ISK’s IT team and administration, we created a solution to address the IT needs of the International School of Krakow by proposing that the existing infrastructure be replaced with a Chrome family application. Seiloc supplied light Acer Chromebooks measuring 13” and 14” for use by all students, beginning with the third grade and all the way up to the high school senior class. G Suite for Education tools allowed the school to eliminate the need for maintaining an expensive server room and instead use the Cloud for the storage of educational materials and student files. Students can now use the 1:1 and 2:1 model equipment for any class, which provides them with uninterrupted access to word processing programs needed for composing essays, preparing class presentations, and other such projects or assignments.


International School of Kraków has benefited prodigiously from its collaboration with Seiloc and the resulting implementation of Chrome Technology: Chromebooks have evolved into some of the essential educational tools that the school offers; they support language instruction and allow for exams to be both written and subsequently taken online, in addition to a number of other uses. The headaches of maintaining burdensome computer labs have disappeared, replaced now by devices which students are able to use in ways they find most convenient and productive to them; in lieu of procuring printed teaching materials, faculty members now share the files with their students directly via a Shared Disk. Teachers no longer need to worry that desktop units may malfunction while in use in class as their students have gained reliable access to light, state-of-the-art devices. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the conversion to Chrome Technology has resulted in advancing the technical competencies of the student body and faculty, allowing the school to keep pace with the standards of world class education.